“Creativity is Allowing yourself to Make Mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to Keep!” S. Adams


Do it Yourself MFA is a pretty unique website. The founder Gabriela Pereira graduated with her MFA and then decided to give all that ‘knowledge without college’ to all the other self-taught writers. She deconstructed the MFA program into three basic areas: Write with Focus, Read with Purpose, and built your Community.

Her company has it all: FB group, online classes, challenges, articles, and an encouraging newsletter.

Author Media is a website, which is packed with practical resources. It offers free podcasts, blogs, and newsletters. The topics cover absolutely everything from starting a book, writing craft, publishing tips, promotional and marketing guidelines. In addition, it offers multiple paid courses on the same topics, but within small groups with individual attention. Most of them are hosted by Thomas Umstattd, the CEO of the company, and a national speaker and expert in marketing and social media.

Inkers Con is an annual conference, organized by the New York Best-selling Author, Alessandra Torre. It is a live & digital event. It focuses on craft, marketing, advertising, and the business side of the writer’s job. Each year, it gathers national experts in their fields to teach, inspire, and motivate authors to bring their careers to the next level.