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Cursed Beauty

Stories of Strong Women

Published by First Edition Design Publishing

“The author has a sharp eye for detail and never overwrites a scene, giving the stories an authentic flavor. It’s as though readers are dropping into series of one-set stage plays, as our protagonists struggle to deal with life’s circumstances.
Overall, this is a fine collection of stories, and the author shows a real talent for capturing a place, time, character’s voice, and the unspoken feelings of angst that dot every existence.”– San Francisco Book Festival

… I loved the last story, “Beyond Life”. The way that it was written in the second person was stunning, and I found myself wishing there was more to it because of how elegant but heartbreaking it was.”– Readers’ Favorite Review

Cursed Beauty is a collection of twelve short stories set in Bulgarian cities and villages during the socialism era of the 1980s. In these stories, Bulgarian women–girls, mothers, grandmothers–push up against, resign themselves to, subvert and flee the rigid moral codes of the patriarchal society.

The unifying character of the short stories is the Bulgarian woman, as a girl, as a mother, and as a grandmother. She is vibrant, loving, devoted, but sometimes, abandoned and abused.

Some of the women find a solution, some temporary peace, but some continue their old lives trusting their inner strength to be stronger than the circumstances. The tone is uplifting–pain and hope unite these female characters in their pursuit of love and happiness.

Published Poetry


  • Inspired by Veliko Tarnovo, which is a former capital of Bulgaria and played an important historical role until the 19th century
  • Published in Sand, USF ( Summer, 2009) 

Draw me

  • Inspired by Salvador Dali and beaches in Florida
  • Published in Sand, USF ( Summer, 2009)

Causa Perduta

  • Inspired by life’s challenging situations, its obstacles, and our determination to persevere
  • 2nd prize in APW competition-2017
  • Published in River of Grass, KU ( Spring, 2023)
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Shelter – 2003

Poetry Collection in Bulgarian

Published by Leni-An

A self-discovering journey defined by the strong voice of the speaker looking for the meaning of relationships and family values, searching for hopeful solutions, denying society expectations, and embracing disappointment. The imagery includes: ‘dismal eyes of puddles’, ‘butterfly with scorched wings’, ‘ruffled air’, ‘dancing Russian dolls’, ‘spider webs on fire’, and ‘clocks slicing the breathing’. The poems in Shelter remind us of beauty, scattered faith, mortality, the absurdity of love and life.