“Traveling leaves you Speechless then turns you into a Storyteller.” Ibn Battuta

We travel to learn, to see different cultures, to meet new people, to escape our reality and embrace a new one, to get inspired, to re-connect, and to recharge. Whatever the reason for your stepping out of your comfort zone, it is great. Internet is bursting with tons of travel articles, blogs, and podcasts to take you to any possible destination; however, nothing could be compared to the Real Traveling experience. Of course, if you commit to spending enough time not only to see it but to absorb it with your senses, not just to document it for social media but to reflect on it, then traveling could be transformative.

Generational Landmark in Ruse, Bulgaria

The Vase in Ruse, Bulgaria, 2012

“There is no place like home”; therefore, my first traveling post will be about my hometown, Ruse, Bulgaria. Surprisingly Wikipedia offers abundant information about it, but I will devote my post to one of its signature sights, ‘The Vase’ located in the biggest city park, called The Park of the Youth. Every spring, it blossoms with images of tulips, chrysanthemums, butterflies, or folk motifs under the hands of the garden designers. All major city streets lead to its round garden where The Vase reigns like ‘the jewel in the crown’. It has witnessed graduations, weddings, multiple kids’ birthday parties, and crowds of tourists daily.

Creation of The Vase in 1950s

The Vase prepared for the city holiday, May 6th, 2018

It was created in the 1950s before I was born, so it has been the background for my major life events too. It has an impressive foundation of steel and dirt, 11 feet high and 23 feet wide, which nurtures over 30.000 flowers to outline its dignified beauty.

The Vase has been a signature symbol of the city for over 70 years. A team of designers keeps it well-manicured and modern. In the 60s, my parents took their evening strolls there, in the 70s my mother took me to the nearby playground and pet the stone bear next to it, in the 80s, I went to high school behind it, in the 90s I took my kids to ride bikes around it. It bonds memories of generations, and hopefully, my kids will build their own around it too.